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CPU Processors Memory Storage Monthly Availability
Intel® Xeon® 6338P | 1 vCores
2 GB 20 GB ₹3400/Year Config
Intel® Xeon® 6338P | 1 vCores
4 GB 40 GB ₹5400/Year Config
Intel® Xeon® 6338P | 2 vCores
8 GB 80 GB ₹6800/Year Config
Intel® Xeon® 6338P | 4 vCores
16 GB 160GB ₹12450/Year Config

SO Installation

Pick the one you want and leave its installation to us. Get the best OS for your virtual hosting server & experience the highest level of security.
CentOS A stable, reliable, and lightweight enterprise-level operating system with high-level security. Based on the most trusted Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Centos is the best fit for Linux VPS hosting.

Debian The prime benefits of using Debian on your VPS hosting server is the stability and speed along with top-notch security and best in class packaging-system.
Ubuntu Ubuntu suits the needs of both enterprise and personal level websites and web applications. Its feature to customize and provide high-grade security makes it reliable hosting platform.

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Maximum Performance

We make use of Intel Xeon processors in our VPS server nodes. The Intel Xeon processors are the latest generation and high-powered processors with a large number of cores. With this, you receive top-notch performance, making sure your vps hosting server never slows down. The Intel Xeon processors work well for running intensive programs and mission-critical tasks.

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With our best-in-class VPS hosting features & server management, spend 0 minutes in maintaining your server infrastructure & more in enhancing your website/app..

Fastest Provisioning
Intel Xeon Free Control Panel
CentOS / Ubuntu
SuperMicro rDNS
Control panel installation Juniper Networks IPs
Server Rebuild DDos mitigation Kernel patch updates

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